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Smartmatic Subpoenas Christina Bobb as Part of Defamation Lawsuit Against Fox News, Giuliani & More

Smartmatic's Defamation Lawsuit Intensifies: Christina Bobb Subpoenaed by Company

Smartmatic Subpoenas Christina Bobb as Part of Defamation Lawsuit

On Tuesday, Smartmatic, the election technology company, filed a subpoena in New York state court against Christina Bobb, the former personal lawyer of former president Donald Trump. The subpoena is part of a previously established defamation lawsuit against Fox News by Smartmatic, several individual hosts and former Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani over false conspiracy theories regarding the 2020 presidential election.

Subpoena Demands

The subpoena demands a large amount of records in connection to the 2020 presidential election. Additionally, the subpoena requires Bobb to provide any documents or communications related to the Trump administration, the Trump campaign, Fox News, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Lindell, One America News, NewsMax, Mike Flynn, Sidney Powell, Donald Trump's three oldest children and their respective partners.

Background on Christina Bobb

Bobb was employed as a correspondent at the far-right television company One America News during the 2020 election. It was here that Bobb gave a now notorious interview with Ed Solomon, a Long Island-based swing-set installer who claimed to be an “expert mathematician”, who went on to allege that Biden's electoral victory in Georgia was impossible.

Dominion, a rival election technology company and also a target of conspiracy theories, has since filed a defamation lawsuit against One America News (OAN), alleging Solomon was, in fact, a convicted felon with no college degree.

At the same time Bobb worked for OAN, she was also freelancing for Trump's personal attorneys, including Giuliani, to help with legal challenges against the election results. Bobb even went as far to use her position at OAN to raise money for a recount in Arizona, which ultimately reaffirmed Biden's win.

Giuilani Turns to Bobb for Help

Giuliani has listed Bobb as a witness who could help him maintain his law license in Washington, D.C., as he faces risk of having it revoked over conspiratorial lawsuits. Bobb's work has even led to the House committee investigating the January 6 Capitol riot to issue a subpoena for her.

Bobb Leaves OAN, Lands in Hot Water with Feds

Bobb left OAN in March 2022 and went on to work as an attorney for Trump personally. She was soon caught up in a federal criminal investigation when she signed off on a sworn statement on Trump's behalf, claiming a “diligent search” had been conducted at Trump's resort in Florida, Mar-a-Lago, in response to a record request from the National Archives. This proved to be false when the FBI conducted a search in August and discovered government records still in Trump's possession. Bobb later informed federal investigators her claim was based on the information given to her by other lawyers representing Trump.

Smartmatic's subpoena does not require Bobb to sit for a deposition. It is unclear at this time how Bobb will respond to the subpoena.



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