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Close up on an American flag

Empowering Americans.

Stopping The Spread of Disinformation.

- Our Mission - 

At Better Narrative Group we strive to enable all American people with the ability to make their own decisions, without the persuasion of disinformation. We want to ensure all citizens are able to access truthful information. Better Narrative Group works with many other non profit organizations that we feel act as a catalyst of truthful information for the American people. 

- Our Vision - 

We envision an honest America, an America where citizens are able to trust the sources of the information. An America where people may disagree, but will never attempt to deter another persons views towards their own through mischievous tactics. We believe that this America is a very obtainable goal, however it is no small task. To get to where we want to be, we need your help. 

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